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Why Tractor Zoom?

Expanded Market Share. Farmers are purchasing equipment from across the country. Reach a broader audience, and those switching brands with listings on Tractor Zoom. 

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Why Not?

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Actionable Insights. Tractor Zoom is a data company that believes in transparency and getting you from data to decisions faster. See up-to-the-day price and volume trends to know when the market starts to turn.

No Risk. There are no hidden costs. You can find equipment,  reach more potential buyers and receive marketing insights without spending your marketing dollars. 

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New Customers. 1,000+ dealer locations are already benefiting from Tractor Zoom's fast growing marketing reach.  Dealer leads were up 24% just last month!

Notified when equipment they are looking for hits the market

Increasing market share with free advertising to a national audience

Repricing equipment faster and more often

Analyzing price and supply trends to be aware when the market turns


Find Equipment. You cannot sell equipment you do not have. Find equipment first with automatic auction alerts. Sent directly to your inbox, your unlimited searches are fully customizable based on what equipment you need. 

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Bringing In New Customers

Dynamic markets are a challenge, but also opportunities.


Many farmers will change their brand loyalty to fit their changing needs.


Bring those farmers to your dealership. With quality products and services, you could have new customers for life!  

"You've got to have strong data that's coming from a good spot. I think that's what [Tractor Zoom] offers here." 

 - Casey Seymour

Location Manager  

21st Century Equipment

Over 50 of the biggest US dealer groups are already receiving leads. Here are a few...

Pricing with Confidence

Market Insights

Iron Comps, Tractor Zoom's valuation platform, has been helping Used Equipment Managers save time and price accurately since 2018

Know where the market is, and see where it is going.

Getting from data to decisions is fast with auction and dealer trends embedded directly into the Iron Comps platform. 

Discover when a specific piece of equipment hits the market with Tractor Zoom's alert feature. 

Setting up a search takes just seconds, and can save you hours!

With 80% coverage of the US farm auction market, you've got a pretty good chance of finding what you are looking for!

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